Humble beginnings

Our company was founded by Alex Marsale in 2016. Back then it was not even registered as one but ran from Alex’s Room just with his simple laptop.

Today the company has evolved into various industries employing over 7 people working remotely in this new world with more than 2000+ customers who use our software and education worldwide.

Our Company
Our Company

The Genesis & Journey

Alex Marsale started his online journey as a blogger struggling to find enough information to actually start making money blogging. Alex found his first online mentor Saran, a guy from chennai, India who taught him about Search Engine Optimization.

The basics made Alex curious about Search engine optimization and he focused on it for a couple of years learning to crack the search engine ranking algorithm. During this time he became an expert in SEO.

Even though he was making money with a blogging he was always curious about making software and started following that path.

He bought a DFY software from a developer and scaled it to one million users in 2 years. Later had to shut down because of the lack of knowledge in coding and management.

He later launched an app that hit 100k users which had to later shut down due to dependency issues.

He later started his productized service company called “PBN Master” that provided seo services to bloggers which he later closed to continue in the Software Space.

In 2019 he built another software called “Linkroid” a url shortener that was standalone and one major mistake was building the product and taking it to perfection without selling it which ultimately ended up in failure.

With all the experience he started again with automation software that Generated 2 crore in revenue in a single year just in the US Market.

Alex Marsale is known as a software creator but he has learned that to grow this software company he will have to educate users about marketing, sales and everything related to online business and that's how Digitalexplora was born. The only way to grow is by providing education

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